Jacqueline Rohrmann

Jacqueline is a well-versed expert in digital construction and sustainability with a passion for technology and teaching.

Researcher in generative design
Engineer with hands-on experience, including projects like the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin
Speaker at Autodesk University

Jacqueline is a civil engineer who holds an advanced degree from TU Munich, one of Europe's leading technical universities. While there, she worked with Prof. Borrmann and developed a passion for computational engineering and computer-aided design. Jacqueline's research encompasses automated reality capture, generative design, and the integration of sustainable design principles.

She has magnified her influence by sharing her insights and research on her YouTube channel, “That BIM Girl,”  today boasting an impressive community of over 25,000 subscribers. As a sought-after voice in her field, Jacqueline frequently delivers lectures and speaks at international conferences.

Within our trainings, Jacqueline seamlessly combines her deep theoretical understanding with hands-on project expertise. She played an instrumental role in the development of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin. As the BIM manager, she pioneered the overarching BIM strategy and later transitioned to a position as the senior design manager, where she was at the forefront of coordinating and steering the factory's design and engineering phases.

Recently, Jacqueline launched TBG Consult, a firm dedicated to supporting large and complex projects in energy transformation. With her adeptness at bridging engineering, construction, and technology, our training participants will benefit from her real-world examples of how advanced coding and automation skills will impact project delivery.

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