Saqib Aziz

Saqib Aziz is an accomplished architect and educator at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK), where he also graduated with honors. His expertise lies at the intersection of architecture, technology, and education.

Extensive hands-on experience in computational design and automation
Specialist in Computational Design, Robotics, Mixed Reality, and Additive Manufacturing
8 years as a Rhino and Grasshopper practitioner and instructor

Saqib was a Computational and Environmental Design Specialist at HENN Architects in Berlin. He was involved in the design of multiple competition-winning projects while pioneering advanced design methodologies.
Notably, he played a crucial role in designing the Cube building at TU Dresden — the world's first carbon-concrete building with a distinctive geometric design pushing the boundaries of material innovation.
He has been a lecturer at UdK and TU Berlin since 2017. He is also pursuing a PhD at UdK to develop innovative construction systems with additive manufacturing of mineral materials.
Saqib recently founded 'Design Upgrade' to support companies in digitizing and automating planning and fabrication processes with new robotic fabrication and rapid prototyping technologies.

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